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Thank you for visiting Delaware Call, an independent media group that engages in investigative journalism, political analysis and Delaware-focused commentary. We value writing that uncovers and uplifts local community news and stories. We strive to bring you stories from activists, organizers and regular people engaging in the struggle for justice and democracy. We also highlight ways the everyday person can get involved in issues that impact them and their families, and focus on analyzing issues through an economic and racial justice lens.

Pitching stories to Delaware Call

Are you a freelance journalist researching a story? Or a community activist working on an op-ed? Pitch your ideas to Delaware Call by emailing [email protected]

Unlike other area publications, our editors DO NOT assign stories. Delaware Call is a platform for local journalists, community activists and others to share their ideas, so we rely on pitches from you to make that happen.

What does a successful pitch look like?

  • Keep it brief. Due to the volume of emails we receive, pitches should be 3 paragraphs max (500 words or less). Please don’t pitch a completed story. If the idea seems like a good fit for Delaware Call, one of our editors will be in touch.
  • In the first paragraph, tell us a little about yourself and the idea you would like to pitch. Please specify if this article will be journalism or commentary.
  • In the second paragraph, flesh out your main ideas in a few sentences. What is the problem or issue? Are there any experts or individuals who you will need to interview? Why will readers care?
  • In the final paragraph, explain why you are suited to write on this issue. Are you a journalist? An activist? A scientist? What expertise do you bring to the table?

For additional help on how to pitch (and how not to pitch), see these guidelines by journalist Jessica Reed, features editor for the Guardian.