About Us

The Delaware Call Core Team

Managing Editor – Britney Gulledge
Britney is a doctoral student in Howard University’s Communication, Culture and Media Studies program where she also teaches Principles of Speech.  She works on research and writing that explores the health seeking behaviors of people of color.  Britney also provides an extensive background in digital content strategy and public relations.

Coordinating Editor – Robert Vanella
After 24 years in private sector banking Robert began to devote himself to organizing and activism full time.  He is the host of the Highlands Bunker podcast which covers local news, politics and culture from a leftist perspective.  He has also contributed several Op-Eds to the Wilmington (DE) News Journal and is the Delaware Call dedicated grill man.

Contributing Editor – Andrew Galvin
Andrew has worked as a journalist and editor for Bloomberg News and the O.C. Register (CA).  He is active in local progressive advocacy and will be on our editorial team as well as contributing regularly.  Andrew lives in North Wilmington.

Community Editor – Rae Krantz
Rae works in the tech industry as a software developer and international conference speaker. Her interest in journalism started in Ohio, where she was a founding member of the cooperative community news website in Akron called The Devil Strip. Since moving to Delaware in 2020, she’s volunteered on progressive political and issue campaigns, and focused her investigative writing energy on racial justice issues.

Digital Editor – Karl Stomberg
Karl earned a double major bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Computer Science from the University of Delaware in 2020.  He is active in managing local political campaigns and his research is primarily focused on the demographics of social and economic justice issues.  Karl is a producer and partner on the Highlands Bunker podcast and designed and created our website as well.  

Contributing Journalism Fellow – Madison Holmes
Madison is a current junior at Delaware State University majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in English. She has experience writing for her university’s paper The Hornet where she develops a strong understanding for writing overall. She has a focus on prominent issues involving the African American community. Madison also has experience in digital content creation. 

“There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.” ~Maya Angelou

“To tell the truth is revolutionary.” ~Antonio Gramsci

The Delaware Call is an independent media group that engages in investigative journalism, political analysis, and Delaware-focused commentary. We work to uncover and uplift local community news and stories that are rarely, if ever, covered by existing media outlets.

Are you looking for information about what goes on behind closed doors in the halls of power? Would you like more context explaining how things operate here in Delaware? Do you want to find out about those who exercise political and administrative power in our state? Do you want to learn how you can be involved in influencing those leaders or becoming one yourself? 

Then follow the Delaware Call! 

We strive to bring you stories from activists, organizers, and regular people engaging in the struggle for justice and democracy.  We will also highlight ways the everyday working person can get involved in issues that impact them and their families. We focus on analyzing issues through an economic and racial justice lens. 

We believe when we all have access to information and analysis, we can continue to improve our state.

Why is the Delaware Call needed?

In the late 19th century many major American cities had a half dozen or more daily newspapers.  Even into the 20th century Wilmington had both The Morning News and The Evening Journal.  (Although each was owned by factions of the DuPont family.)  The Morning News discontinued publication in 1989, and we are left with one major daily paper. A paper with a staff which, over recent decades, has been decimated by layoffs, early retirement packages and debilitating rolling furloughs.

The shrinking workforce and narrowing scope of our local news outlets is troubling when considered in the context of community organizing, social justice activism and grassroots politics.  Community work requires a well informed community.  Our state is becoming less and less informed, and this project aims to address this problem directly.

This problem is exacerbated by social media algorithms.  News items are now selected and fed to the user based on what they like and what type of information they have chosen to click on in the past.  The more one uses a social media platform, the more refined these rules become.  The news provided via social media is curated and delivered based on what someone wants to see and consume.  This process simply reinforces engrained perspectives.

Considering this landscape we decided to launch The Delaware Call. 

Structure of the Delaware Call

The Delaware Call is an independent media project fiscally sponsored by Network Delaware, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This allows for full independence as well as the flexibility to cover stories our readers want to read. 

The Delaware Call is a nonpartisan organization. The Delaware Call as an organization and all individuals acting on behalf of the Delaware Call are explicitly prohibited from engaging in any activity that could be construed as “Campaign Activity” as defined by the IRS including, but not limited to the support or opposition of: any political party; any candidate for public office; or any group that directly aids candidates.

Delaware Call editors and writers may run for office or get involved in an electoral campaign, but must do so on their own time. They will be prohibited from reporting on any race they are involved in, other than writing commentaries.

There will be no advertisements of any kind.  There will be no paywalls on regular content.  If there are stories our readers would like investigated and published, there will be an opportunity to crowdfund resources to hire journalists to cover those exact stories.  

The Delaware Call will pay for professional freelance work. This not only ensures that the information we publish will be of the highest quality, but is also an indication of our commitment to all of our contributors. The Delaware Call will strive to pay fair wages for work.

Why we need your support

We cannot do any of this without your support.  Please consider a recurring monthly subscription or a one-time donation to ensure we can get this project off the ground.  With your support, The Delaware Call can establish itself as a leading source of local news. From there, we can realize our mission of providing local community stories and commentary designed to inform, inspire, and activate grassroots organization with the aim of realizing the true goals of democracy.