It Begins With Leadership (w/Kathy Jennings)

An interview with Attorney General Kathy Jennings

 · September 4, 2020

On August 28th 2020 Delaware Attorney General Kathleen Jennings was a guest on the Highlands Bunker podcast.  This was the first Highlands Bunker podcast produced specifically for the Delaware Call.  Our aim is not only to produce special editions of this podcast but also produce other audio content as well.

The editorial team has discussed potential short segments that may accompany particular pieces of written journalism, special segments with organizers and activists, and even Spanish language content for our Hispanic and Latinx neighbors.

In this Highlands Bunker episode the AG and Rob have a wide-ranging conversation on many hot-button criminal justice issues including reforms to the Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights, prison conditions and sentencing guidelines, as well as the political aspect of the office and how it can be leveraged as a leadership position to address inequities in the Delaware criminal justice system.

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