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Delaware Voters Call for Senate to pass Ceasefire Resolution before June 30

House Concurrent Resolution 125 passed a full House vote on April 25th, but has languished in the state Senate

 · June 26, 2024

Groups of supporters gathered at the entrances of Legislative Hall Wednesday morning to call
attention to House Concurrent Resolution 125, a ceasefire resolution that has stalled in the
Senate despite overwhelming support.

The measure, also called HCR 125, recognizes the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and calls for an immediate and lasting ceasefire. The resolution passed a House vote in late April. This was possible due to the constant organizing of Delawareans for Palestinian Human Rights (DelPHR), who recorded over 3,000 emails sent to legislators on the issue, as well as efforts of Delaware Calls for Palestine, Islamic Society of Delaware, Islamic Society of Central Delaware, CAIR Philadelphia, and allies from across the State.

Those in favor of HCR 125 have grown frustrated at the lack of movement through the Senate,
with a group attending a Lobby Day on June 11 only to find that the resolution never made its
way to the agenda.

One Delaware resident, Karen Igou, said, “whether you agree with us or not, you cannot ignore us for your own political comfort. Bring HCR 125 to a vote. Your constituents deserve to know the values of their elected officials.” This sentiment has also been shared across social media since October 7, 2023 with a growing number of voters weighing whether to withhold their vote from candidates whose silence rings loud as the death toll in Gaza nears 40,000 people, among them more than 25,000 women and children.

Members of Delawareans for Palestinian Human Rights inside a Legislative Hall conference room with the with primary Senate sponsor of HCR 125 Senator Laura Sturgeon (top middle)

With tactical diversity including lobby days, peaceful protests, emails, and phone calls, Delawareans have made it clear in numerous ways that there is overwhelming support for Delaware to officially call for a ceasefire. The legislative session end this Sunday, June 30. Time is running out for Delaware to take a firm stance on the crisis in Gaza.

As citizens of the United States, our duty extends beyond the borders of our small state. During a legislative session that has discussed topics so minor as the official state cocktail, assertions from legislators that a ceasefire resolution falls outside of their scope demonstrate ignorance toward the gravity of the situation.

We urge our senators to follow the lead of the House and pass House Concurrent Resolution 125 before the session ends.

Mike Abel is the Co-Founder of Delawareans for Palestinian Human Rights. She can be reached at [email protected].

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