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 · May 14, 2022

Dear Readers,

In August of 2020 we launched the Delaware Call. The mission was to use journalism and commentary to highlight community news that rarely (if ever) is covered by regular mass media sources in Delaware.  

Rather than do our work within a pretext of manufactured neutrality and with no objective other than presenting information, we shared publicly on our website exactly what we wanted to accomplish.

We strive to bring you stories from activists, organizers, and regular people engaging in the struggle for justice and democracy. We will also highlight ways the everyday working person can get involved in issues that impact them and their families. We focus on analyzing issues through an economic and racial justice lens. 

It is in this vein that we are happy to announce a new student summer internship program. Beginning in June, Asya Jones, a senior Mass Communication/Journalism major at Delaware State University, will join the Call to do hands-on journalism.  She will be mentored by a seasoned writer and teacher, Jordan Howell.

Jordan helped found the Call and we consider him an editor emeritus. Jordan continues to report and write stories for us as well as assist in the editorial process.

Asya resides in Dover, but is originally from Baton Rouge, LA. She will work directly with Jordan to do research and write stories for the Call while learning all aspects of reporting from FOIA and public document review to research strategies and interviewing techniques.

We are pleased to also report that this is a paid position. A stipend of $1,000 per month for three months will be paid to the student mentee for this work. That’s where you come in!

A very generous reader and supporter has agreed to provide half the funding ($1,500) if we can source the other half with small donations from our readers.

Here’s How You Can Help

Click on this link to make a monthly donation of $5. If you are already a subscriber at any level we ask that you bump the amount by $5. You can click on the “Write us a comment” and include the note “summer program.” This will help us identify these gifts and ensure our seed donation is matched.

Many of you have donated in the past and have made your donations monthly. This support has helped us establish the Delaware Call and produce work that demonstrated our seriousness and legitimacy. In some cases we have paid freelancers for written work. We have licensed photographs and art. We also paid editorial staff for outreach both in academia and across other justice and activism related local organizations like the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League and the ACLU of Delaware.

We have also been able to pay a regular monthly stipend to help manage the project, coordinate the content, and promote the work.

Some friends and comrades have been referring to the Call as Delaware’s premier progressive online magazine. This is beautifully put. We strive to live up to it every day.

The Delaware Call Team

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