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Occupy Biden – Day 4 – People Power Is Our Superpower

The coalition grows as it approaches a New Year’s Day crescendo

 · December 30, 2021
Protesters at the Occupy Biden event Occupy Biden

We’ve reached the center point of our occupation – four days in and four to go. One attendee has been crocheting hats with customized patches to help identify the growing coalition of environmental and social justice organizations represented here – 38 and counting! Today we had a few new additions from Pennsylvania, others from Virginia, plus a handful of children, and perhaps the most exciting new addition of all, a dog!

I’m usually a local activist, focused on my home state. It amazes me that we had people drive from Georgia, North Carolina, and New York to spend their holiday season with us in Delaware. For a small and often overlooked state, we have a rare opportunity to get the attention of the nation and amplify our messaging while the President of the United States lives here. My hope for the new year is that Delawareans seize this moment and use it to establish a model for both action and progress that can be replicated throughout the country. Think globally, act locally.

Speaking of the new year, that was the focus of much of our Day Four efforts – planning specific activities for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The former is a silent DJ event. Instead of playing music through speakers, it is broadcast to wireless headphones so that we can dance together without disturbing the neighbors. Personally I love to infuse some fun into my activism. I can get overwhelmed in the face of so much injustice and destruction. A little joy goes a long way to fuel my fire and keep me going. I’m looking forward to showing off my terrible and dated dance moves for all my new friends, while never relinquishing our presence on the public land in the president’s neighborhood.

The final day of this occupation, January 1st, we plan to end with a rally, march, and opportunity for direct action on the president’s home street. We walked the march route and got a change of scenery while recognizing that our president lives in a way that most Delawareans can only dream about, and needs all the more to hear directly from us if he is to accurately and adequately represent us.  

My favorite rally chant is “People power is our superpower” and I felt that in my soul today.  It was inspiring seeing our coalition form working groups, divide up responsibilities, and flesh out the details of this event in a very inclusive and egalitarian way. New arrivals had as much say as the original organizers of this occupation. The kids filmed promotional videos to share on social media – with a few marshmallow roasting breaks in between. The Gen Zers and millennials managed our communication channels, while the older generations shared their expertise in event logistics. If we keep up this kind of collaboration in 2022, we will accomplish great things together.

If you haven’t made it out yet, it’s not too late – join us for one of the upcoming event days or just stop by for a cup of coffee, apple cider, or a catered vegan meal from Seeds of Peace!

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