Happy New Year to Our Readers

A note from the Delaware Call Team

 · January 9, 2021

Now that the twelve months that were the year two-thousand twenty are finally complete, there is a palpable feeling of relief. Major political victories here in Delaware and more modest gains nationally, along with the propagation (however slow and mismanaged) of a COVID-19 vaccine, have unleashed some optimism about the year before us.

The Delaware Call will be covering the new General Assembly session and the organizing happening to support a litany of exciting legislation, including progressive tax reform, increasing the minimum wage, education funding settlement, marijuana legalization, paid medical and family leave, and many other items on the policy agenda aimed at improving the material conditions of regular Delawareans.

You probably have noticed that our publishing frequency is less than a daily blog or news aggregator site. We take great pride in publishing unique pieces of personal commentary and deeply researched essays, as well as long-form audio interviews with important policymakers and thinkers up and down the state. We like to think of the Delaware Call as our state’s premier progressive online magazine.

All that said, we do have a strong desire to provide reporting and commentary on a more frequent basis. That’s where you, the reader, come in. The Delaware Call is a call to action. We cannot expand our work without your help.  We’ve recently implemented a SUBMISSIONS page on the site with directions on how you can contribute to the Delaware Call. I encourage everyone to take a look and consider how you may have your voice heard.

Additionally, we have scheduled a virtual fundraiser to be held over Zoom on Thursday, January 28th.  Please consider becoming a recurring monthly member of the Delaware Call. We are committed to serving the entire community and highlighting the grassroots activists grinding every day to enact change that will improve everyone’s lives. We take no corporate advertising dollars. We operate only on generous donations from readers like you. 

There are several new projects planned for the first quarter of 2021. However, to continue to expand and produce more citizen-focused media, we need your help. We look forward to working with you to provide local community stories and commentary designed to inform, inspire, and activate grassroots organization with the aim of realizing the true goals of democracy.

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